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Paris hauls in Indonesian envoy over death penalty. French cops find 21kg of coke in 'tourist' suitcase. Dealer throws drugs into palms of police's hands. Did a French couple steal Picasso artworks? Frenchmen held for nude pics at Angkor temple. Man kills ex-wife and takes body to police. Riviera murder: British pensioner gets 30 years. Frenchwoman guilty of sex attacks on plumbers. French crooks boosted as wiretap firms strike. Holiday camp staff fired for mock jihadist killing. Angry French taxi drivers 'attack' Uber user. Top ten: France's most notorious celebrities.

Murder in Paris: The profile of a crime. Baby in French town swallows dad's cannabis. Facing panic, French town bans 'evil' clowns. Another arrested as clown fear grips France. French cop on trial for rape at police station. Strip bars to fires: Travel warnings about France. French nuns and priests targeted by 'thieving duo'.

A look inside France's 'most notorious' prison. Scammers attack Paris's top cop at tourist hotspot. French chef held for 'killing and eating' dogs. French police to start wearing body cameras. French MP hit with fine for Hitler Roma rant. French double murder saga takes new twist. And the burglary capital of France is…? Woman, 30, bombards boy, 9, with love letters. Robbers in zoro-masks target wealthy US couple. Monaco heiress relative admits role in her murder.

Joanna Parrish murder: French killer taken to crime scene - BBC News

Paris beefs up fight on crime against tourists. Dali sculpture snatched from Paris museum. Thieves rob dead woman at French funeral home. China to send police 'to help patrol Paris streets'. Violence on rise across France, but not Marseille. Family pretend to be French to rob jewellers. Burglar targets designer Marc Jacobs' Paris flat. Police foil teen girls' plot to wipe-out family. Slain French couple's kin to appeal Bolivia ruling. Smart car the 'most stolen in France in '. Broke French crime reporter turns to hold ups.

Thieves target holiday homes in rural France. Plan to arm French village with tear gas. Suspect held over spate of student rapes in Lyon. Murder suspect 'drank homeless man's blood'. Man killed 'in row over Christmas decorations'. Rise in break-ins leave French feeling unsafe. Foreigners in France behind a quarter of thefts. Diner attacks McDonald's with axe over 'cold fries'. Man kills year-old then 'cooks heart and tongue'. France reconsiders sex crime reporting limits.

French police release sketch of motorcyclist. French girl's secret sex abuse film snares father. Alps murders: Police 'to issue portrait of suspect'. Mugged pensioner in 'miracle' canal escape. Probe after journalist's torso found in Paris. Pensioner 'kills year-old wife over love affair'. Man jailed for fatal push at Paris Metro station. Send in drones: new plan to end Marseille mayhem.

Shop's Grand Theft Auto mobster stunt goes awry. Missing parents dumped kids to go on holiday. Have-a-go hero granddad shot dead by burglars. French Riviera villa key to China's Xilai trial. Bike rage: Paris cyclist shot by pedestrian.

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Police seize 60 tonnes of Eiffel Tower souvenirs. France recognizes modern slavery as crime. Driver stabbed in Paris for beeping at red light. Tribute to British woman found dead in Brittany. Guards rebel over record French prisoner numbers. Hostage-taking ends at high-security French jail. Paris man shot dead at dinner in restaurant. Teenager shot 23 times in latest Marseille killing. Man behind French 'heist of century' hangs self. Triple shooting: 'Killer bought AK47 rifle online'. Gunman kills three in 'random' shooting.

French court summons IMF's Lagarde. French community uses Facebook to fight dealers. Vigilante granny fires rifle at noisy teenagers. IMF confirms faith in Lagarde after police raid. Judge in Sarkozy case receives death threat. Six arrested over slaying of Corsica's top lawyer. Mother admits drowning babies found in freezer. French tycoon's jet found packed with cocaine. Redemption nears for victim of terrible injustice. Safety fears after gang storm Paris train. Disgruntled patient kills dentist in Marseille.

Mayor of crime-ridden Marseille slams Paris. French man filmed 1, women in shop toilets. French police roll out first secret speed radars. Two dead in Marseille after 'gangland' shooting. Soiled toilet roll snares 'teen burglar'. France's 'isle of beauty' hit by fifth murder. Boy, 8, left for dead after 'exorcism' by family. Mother held as children are found with throats slit. Metro thief is wanted for Paris killing. French cosmetics giant drops Pistorius adverts. Diamond robbers strike upscale Paris jeweller.

Lyon serial rapist puts students on high alert. Kurds arrested in French anti-terror raids.

Drunk teacher sentenced for slapping three pupils. France's feuding rapper caught in the line of fire. DNA tests to find 'serial arsonist' in Breton village. French police smash credit card fraud ring. Thief helps Paris police snare 'Corsican gangster'. Police continue to grill Brit over jogger murder. British man held over murder of French jogger.

Attacker slits pensioner's throat in supermarket. Missing French exchange student found dead. Brittany man tortured and dumped in shopping cart. Missing French student feared kidnapped. French family of five found dead at home. Suspect 'to face court' over Kurdish killings. Paris thieves target Oscar winning actress Swank. Police 'arrest two' over Paris Kurdish murders. Murders in France fall to 'lowest ever level'.

Crime-ridden Marseille ready for culture bonanza. Paris Apple Store thieves steal gear worth a million. Half-naked driver jumps van to stop thieves. Grave robbers caught stealing gold teeth. Young women 'strangled and robbed' old people. Man shot dead at Riviera Halloween party. Police bust Balkan child trafficking ring in Nancy.

Drag queen convicted of tasering his mother. Gold necklace thieves plague Paris. Man, 71, 'raped two old women'. Man set on fire in front of 5-year-old daughter. Hundreds of iPhone 5s stolen in Marseilles heist. Million-euro ruby heist 'close to being solved'. Million euro watch thief gang blights Riviera. Senator 'plots child sex scandal' against rival. Police arrest 'grandad' drug dealers. Police bust tractor trafficking network.

Love-sick sprayer goes on citywide graffiti spree. Romanian year-old spends two weeks in jail.

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Villagers set up lottery to help killer. Baby's body found in plane toilet. Volleyball Olympians caught shoplifting. One in six cigarettes smuggled into France. Bent French customs officers 'caught with drug money'. French morgue 'left corpses mutilated'. Row as minister calls for cannabis ban to end. Feisty jewellery shop owner overpowers robber. Murder trial of Briton in Dordogne opens. Nice outlaws 'too festive' weddings.

Fraudster targets women with 'granny names'. IKEA bosses sacked over spying scandal. Boy missing after river jump to flee police. Thirteen firemen detained in gang rape inquiry. Man 'killed neighbour over dead goldfish'. Man, 55, found head-first in a bin full of water. Sarkozy caught hiding watch from 'pickpokets' at rally. Father wanted for family murder: 'I'm superior'. Son kept dead mum's body in cellar for a year.

Policeman killed in shopping centre attack. Two teens held after nine-year-old shot dead. DSK courtroom carousel moves back to US. Strauss-Kahn charged in vice ring probe. Great pussy purge puzzles French town. Secretary confesses to murdering her boss. Frenchwoman's release ordered in Mexico. Anti-Jewish killer posts videos from jail. Retiree shoots wife and year-old aunt. Union lodges complaint over IKEA spying claim.

Ikea 'stole secret French police reports' - claim. Travel agent murdered in her shop. Prison director jailed for affair with inmate. Pupil dies after school stabbing. Two dead in food market shooting. Metro push man relives his nightmare. Teacher stabbed while breaking up fight. Rotting body in bank mystifies French cops.

Marseille hopes culture can clean up gritty image. Suspect in murder waits for Ireland decision. Minister: foreigners to blame for burglary rise. Woman set on fire by masked intruders. Parisian boy tortured to death for being a 'witch'. Teenagers go on three-day crime spree. French tourist on murder charge in Australia. Woman in coma after violent rape attack. Petrol sales limited to cut New Year car torchings. French 'Madoff' held over fraud charges. Three charred bodies found in car.

Croissant robber terrorizes Paris bakeries. Carlos the Jackal gets life sentence. Diver finds arms cache near Marseille. Marseille police get pump shotguns to fight crime. Funeral for boy killed in washing machine. Beggars banned from Paris hot spots.

Couple on trial for stabbing child to death. Marseille: third fatal shooting in one week. French boy killed in washing machine. Paris calls in Romanian police to tackle 'delinquents'. Child murder suspect attempts suicide. New suspect in murder of 8-year-old girl. Man held over murder of eight-year-old. Jewels nabbed in fake courier scam.

Plot thickens over metro death. Police seek mugging victim in metro case. Metro death suspect held by Paris police. Metro hero's family hopes for Indian funeral. DSK and Banon go face to face at police station. Teenage lovers' row ends in metro stabbing. French police round up Roma ahead of vote. Ex-president's relatives attacked in metro fracas. Convict caught after taunting police on video. French star faces death threats. Guard made to wear explosives in attack. At a standard crime scene, specialized investigators are called after the event occurred. They are going to process to the collection of exhibits, to the swabbing and sampling of the crime scene in order to reconstruct the circumstances of the crime.

This approach — including the use of observations to infer the effects that are at their origin, is complex [6]. Crime scene investigators conduct a full forensic examination. Before any modification, they freeze the crime scene in order to preserve it.


Then, they carry out specific sampling according to standardized processes, ensure the preservation of the samples in a suitable packaging. The scientific results must be put into proper context, regarding other aspects of the investigation or other elements from the scene [7]. By definition, sciences are constantly changing. It is therefore essential to update knowledge and skills of expert assessment, and to always be innovative, so as not to fall behind nor to mislead the final user of the results that is justice.

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In addition, thanks to the proximity with the gendarmerie criminal identification technicians TIC , the institute develops innovations [8]. The 80s mark a turning point in criminal investigation in France, with the belated — as compared to Anglo-Saxon world — discovery of the need to scientifically use any piece of evidence.

A holistic and scientific exploitation of the scene has become necessary since the investigators and the magistrates wanted to understand what occurred and identify all the participants, without depending on fragile or changing testimonies. An opposition is too often made between confession and scientific evidence. It shows a lack of knowledge about the search for the truth throughout criminal investigations. Indeed, these two aspects, brought by different players in the investigation, depend on one another to get closer to the truth. Confession and scientific evidence should not be considered as rival but as complementary.

The French gendarmerie coped with difficult issues coming from structural origin such as a lack of specialized staff to help investigators [9]. Indeed, a lack of technical expertise is noticed among investigators during the detection process. The 7-point approach hearing and confronting testimonies, preserving the crime scene, methodically searching for physical evidence, collecting them with appropriate tools, preserving them until the delivery to the laboratory, analyzing them taking into account the collection environment, and finally being able to conclude about the information provided by the evidence that appears so natural nowadays is ultimately quite recent.

At that time, the Gendarmerie decides to undertake needed reforms. Since then, new relevant specialized units have been created, while preserving the Gendarmerie culture and identity. The Gendarmerie has adapted its new tools to its organization, requiring to be available to anyone, anywhere, at any time, to be able to join any Gendarmerie unit working within the 7-point approach defined above.

The IRCGN receives different missions ranging from analyzing physical evidence, being deployable, teaching investigators about sample collection and doing applied research. In order to generate synergies and coordinate forensic science chain with intelligence chain, the Judiciary Center of the Gendarmerie Nationale PJGN [10] has been created in The need of specialized investigators with specific technical and judicial skills has led to the creation of more focused offices. This organization requires high skilled scientists that the Gendarmerie can find among its officers, or non-comissionned officers or within French Defence Health Service SSA.

A recruitment campaign has also been launched in the fields of forensic sciences: chemistry, computer sciences, biology, anthropology. At the moment, about scientists work at the Institute. Once selected, the scientific officers intended for serving in the Gendarmerie, undergo through military and professional training at the French Gendarmerie Officers Academy EOGN. Then, they start their carrier as apprentices in a unit matching their area of competence. They become expert after the completion of a research work in the field, about three years after their posting.

During the next seven years, they undertake expertise in their unit. They then take the command of a gendarmerie company county level so as to better evaluate the needs of investigators. After four years of operational activities, they may come back to command a department. Thus, scientific officers switch between very technical positions and operational positions. Forensic science activities the analysis of common pieces of evidence and legal data reconciliation information about facts and way of operating operate at three different levels.

The local criminal investigation technicians TICP of the territorial brigades detect, collect and ensure transportation of the pieces of evidence linked to localized crimes burglaries, car thefts, incivilities…. They cover all the cantons of the national territory. As regards to the county level, forensic sciences are performed by criminal investigation technicians TIC in a forensic platform using standardized processes. In the 80s, a central structure was needed. Historically, France has 5 laboratories belonging to the National Police, the Central Laboratory of the Police Prefecture, and other private laboratories.

The IRCGN experts do not investigate and must retain absolute professional independence from the referring source requesting the evaluation. Theses teams set up regarding the nature of the crime scene and are made of chosen experts from each IRCGN unit. A quality assurance service strengthens the whole structure in order to guarantee the reliability of the results, through accreditation according to ISO CEI [13]. According to the IRCGN, a scientific result [14] is rebuttable, demonstrable, given with a measurement uncertainty that is known.

Because we are working to uncover the truth, and we present the results to non-experts, we have to be clear and understandable not to mislead the magistrates. This process guarantees the traceability of these exhibits, their provenance and their origin. Regarding traceability and quality assurance, the single entry point for seals is the most reliable solution and has been adopted. The Front Desk is responsible for seals management. It checks on the legal compliance of the requisitions, the good condition of the exhibit, and their preservation.

The Quality Assurance Service checks and ensures quality standards, controls good practices in the field.

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These actions guarantee the reliability of the results. The QA Service is directly linked to the Director and therefore has some means to make necessary comments and controls. The Bayesian approach [16] of the results helps to understand and deliver scientific results. It also couples a verbal scale with numbers, depending on the area of expertise.

This department deals with traditional features of forensic sciences. It has all the required devices and analytical tools to analyze natural or synthetic samples. The forensic experts working in this division are constantly adapting to new equipment with increasingly effective, specific and sensitive devices.

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Hence few nanograms or picograms of substances can be formally identified. This ability is essential when searching for flammable or explosive compounds. Sample will be processed by specialists from the corresponding area of expertise, depending on the type of crime scene encountered. Thus, the Toxicology unit will be involved for poisoning cases, whereas the Environment and Explosives unit will deal with the search for explosives residues.

The experts work not only to identify the compounds but also to explain their impacts and consequences or their origin. This data is essential for investigators who are seeking to find perpetrators or seeking incriminating evidence. The Ballistics unit also belongs to this department even though it is not associated with an analytical activity. A strong mechanical expertise enables ballistics experts to explain how the firearm operates, to compare projectiles impacts, or to identify a firearm or its hazardousness thanks to the remains collected on a crime scene or in a corpse.

The unit has one of the largest collection of firearms in Europe, gathering types of long arms and types of handguns. This gun collection, coupled with an ammunition collection of more than a million projectiles allows the experts to work to the highest standards of precision and to reconstruct crime scenes in order to enlighten magistrates about the circumstances in which the gun was used.