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1) Love makes you feel addicted

If you truly love someone, both of these definitions will ring true. It's not meant to be easy, Phipps says, but the reward is infinite when you can look past the initial layers of romance, passion and wonder to recognize something even deeper. ET on OWN. The secret to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's nearyear marriage. Do you take life's happy moments for granted? Shonda Rhimes is looking for love, not marriage.

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Social Justice. Donald Trump. Queer Voices. Black Voices. It's not a bad thing when its a two way street; it is bad if its only one way--that is abuse. I love my husband more the longer we are together. I have learned what love is over the years, by experiencing it. The experience happens when you are solid in your commitment to one another. On my wedding day I wasn't sure if I love him; but I was sure of something else: I was committing myself to him.

I took the wedding vows seriously and literally. So, if I never loved him in the future, I would still stay with him. You do realize that you can't experience the depths of love until you got commitment down. Because love gets sweeter as it gets older. I love this comment, so are so spot on about commitment becoming a breeding ground for true love.

Love is not about working up or building up to loving someone, love is not a constant struggle and is something as fragile as you explained it. Love is effortless and is hard and sturdy and simply cannot be forced, what you are attempting is forced love which is something exceptionally hard to do. Unlike life love is not meant to be a constant struggle, sure you may have the arguments and may disagree at times and others might try to make your relationship difficult for you because they're jealous, as long as there is love, there will be hate that is undeniable. But in the end no matter what struggles you may face the fact that you love the person should be unquestionable otherwise don't marry them, if you were questioning whether it was a good idea to marry that guy then it was obviously a bad idea and you may have missed out on finding true love, which if that is the case I am extremely sorry for you.

The fact of the matter is, if you are not able to go against any morals you may believe in or unable to kill for the person you "love" then you don't love them it's as simple as that. If you don't make the person you love your main priority above even your own friends and family then you don't love them, true love is undoubtable, unquestionable, unnegotiable, effortless and dangerous. If something were to make your beloved happy then you would do it without question, even if it betrayed everything you ever believed in. It is impossible to deck authentic love in someone else unless you have within yourself the characteristics of true love.

Now, how do you know if you are blessed with those characteristics? I believe the article in Psychology Today is self-explainable. You can, however, test yourself to determine if you posses the characteristics of true love. Read 1st Corinthians chapter 13, verses 4 through 8 in the Christian Bible.

Then read those same verses again and put your name in place of the word 'love', ONLY if the characteristic genuinely applies to you. A score of is needed. PS: don't worry if it takes some time to score The trip is worth the effort. I think its bad when people try to make it out as something mystical, that just leaves people who are already unloved feeling worse. The people who get all gooey about love are those who have been fortunate enough to find it at least sometime in their lives.

Attractive Women, especially like romance, because they automatically attract it without any effort. I'm sorry to read that you feel unloved. What you are referring to here is how our society perceives love: mad passion and "happily ever afters". I don't agree word for word with what the article says, but I think the love this article is referring to is not necessarily romantic love.

True love can only be found when we realize that we don't need anyone to love us to feel worthy and to justify our existence. It's not easy to achieve, but it begins with taking the time to accept our true selves. If I may offer some unsolicited advice: I hope you take the time to really get to know yourself. Pay attention to what makes you feel at peace and do more of it.

What you are experiencing there is a manifestation of love. Also, notice what makes you feel anxious or bad about yourself and avoid it as much as you can. There's no need to understand why these things make you feel the way they do, just accept that it's ok to feel that way, regardless of what anyone else thinks about what you should and should not be doing. Also, be careful of how you see others.

As soon as you catch yourself judging someone else, put the thought from your mind. I find that often our criticism of other people is really a reflection of how we see ourselves, and the more we judge others the harder it is to see our own worth. Listen to your intuition. There's only one you and only you know what is good for you. I hope you find the love you are looking for. I often think of people around me in a negative way, but in return I negatively see myself too. How can I change this?

You allowed the readers to not only read your comment but part of your mind and soul. I agree with you that many of us will live and die unloved. Many of us were never loved as children and as adults love still stays out of reach. As adults we fall in love with people who cannot love us, just as our caretakers could not love us. It is very sad but, it is also a fact of life. Not everyone gets to be lucky enough to have love in their lives. I wish society would understand and acknowledges this more instead of denying it. Just know that you are not alone, there are other people living with this problem.

I thought like you once too Ive spent my whole life looking for love and never finding it I also have spent my whole life reading about self growth and I certainly am not needy in any sense of the word. Love found me and the man I love! Its not a farce, it most certainly is a force and when it comes to you , you will not be able to get over its force!

I feel love goes beyond all forms of physical attraction and desire.

2 Sentences That Perfectly Sum Up The Meaning Of True Love

I came across the following quotes on the internet that I feel are closer to defining what authentic true love is:. It has components like cruelty, loneliness,injustice n much else. It takes aeons of time even to understand. Look at your motive. Its not like achieving worldly goals. Love in its truest sense requires aeons of time to experience. Few do". All relationships are, first of all, a relationship with ourselves. Hey guys… season greetings to you all.

What is Love?

I'm Jimena Maria, from Heidelberg, few days ago I read online posted comment on a relationship counseling blog. I lucky to copied Dr. Oduduwa personal contact address to communicate with him for personal help contact: dr. Few months ago i had a fight with my husband Anderson he looked straight into to my eyes; said its over between us that we were done with our marriage relationship, he took away my son Felix and travel our of the country to be living in Spain, ever since then I have been trying to call and send messages to him through phones, social median and email but he completely blocked my line from reaching him, i was so frustrated and needed help to at least get to talk with our son Felix, i was read to apologize even when we both know he wronged me, he took my son away from me for over 7 months no words no letter.

I communicated with him and he Dr. Oduduwa assured me that he can help me return back my husband and kid back home, i obey and follow his instructions step to step.

Love - Wikipedia

Two days later Dr. That same night my husband Aslund called me on cell phone to apologize, last night on phone we had a nice conversation, he was feeling very sorry for everything he did to hurt me. Andres my love man returned back home yesterday to me with son Felix, I am so happy today that i have my family restored and my husband and i love each other more than ever before now. I will forever appreciate and grateful to Oduduwa assistance. I promise to share my good news testimony to my friends and everyone out here. I have this positive intention that things will work for me and also i realized this would be good to share with you all out here as I know it will inspire others too as i find in myself recently, I'm a living witness it work for me, my husband return back home within seven days it unbelievable and miraculous.

Love spell for Narcissist. It's very advice-able if only you are desperate individual seeking for urgent permanent solution to all love relationship crisis and restoring back lost love partner and building a happy family. I'm a living testimony to this love-spell powers is effective and working accordingly to plan within few days of activation, I'm happy i got all my heart desire come true.

WhatsApp No. Yes, this is good forum to understand the love. Love is the way to express our feeling with others. A force of nature does not mean supernatural. Do we consider earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes supernatural? Of course not. Nevertheless we cannot control them.

Are You Being Love Bombed?

Nature is not always so dramatic. Take gravity. Or sunlight. Or ocean waves. We don't think of these as traps unless they are creating experiences we don't want to have either by their presence or absence There is nothing to indicate that what we call love is anything more than a product of evolution that proved beneficial to reproduction and child rearing. When you push this flowery myth that love is something wonderful and special, you hurt those that have been deprived. When people believe that love is some amazing cosmic thing, they are left to ask, why not me?

Love hurts, everyone at some point in their life in their life has been unloved and has felt like crap because of that. But you can't make love seem like a horrible thing to be avoided. Like it said "Love has no borders or territories" As does the truth to love has no territory or boundary. Unless you have never ever in your whole god damn life haven't felt like crap because of the truth, you have no right to say this. And if you haven't felt like crap yet, then a lot of people have been lying to you.

Shut up unless you have a way to tell them the truth without making them feel like crap. I understand what you are saying. I have felt this way since I was 12 years old. I realized at that age my parents did not truly love me. I learned that the people that are supposed to "love and care" for you more than anyone else on this earth couldn't love me and my younger sisters, then who was going to. It made me incredibly sad and set me up for a lifetime of disappointment. Then you see these movies, and songs, and blogs like this, that talk about how special love is.

That it is natural. I struggle because I love deeper and stronger than I could ever put into words. I have two children and the love I have for them can never be verbally expressed. I loved and still love their father, but after six years of holding on to the hope that one day he would love me, I have finally come to grips that he doesn't and is not capable of it. It has just reaffirmed my belief that love in a romantic sense does not exist. I think the only reason I love as deep as I do is because of what my parents did to me as a child.

Love exists, but it is so rare that it can be insensitive to promote it so much when children who grow up in homes where they are indeed unloved grow up with an extremely damaged self esteem, and think "why not me" "why am I unlovable" etc. I cry myself to sleep almost every night because I'm surrounded by a world that advertises this concept of love and I'm longing for someone or something to make me feel safe, and secure and to love me back.

It's hard to explain, much like the definition of love. But I do understand what you are saying. I feel the same way. For many it is hard for them to understand what it is like to know you were unloved in the most lovable stage of your life, as a child. It is damaging, to say the least. Okay, so with Haddaway off to the side, I'd like to say that you, Doctor, have made some very good points. Now that I think of it, I guess love is a force of nature, but possibly not for the same reason.

I believe love on a human and earthly scale is just whatever jiggles around up there in our noggins. If one was born without the right parts, love would be absent, and if all animals, in particular mammals, didn't have the right parts, that force would exist. Also, think back to those horrible documentaries of the formation of life. It wasn't love that was keeping the organisms alive. Because I am far from an expert, I can't say when animals could love or when animals existed , but before that point But what about the different types of love?

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I love my food. I love my family. I love my lover go figure. I love my dog. I love the [sports team here]. I love my hobby. And lets say I love my fictional Aunt Betsy Who hasn't had that family member who you love, but being in the same room for more than a few minutes has the potential for hair ripping, black eyes, and numerous deposits in the swear jar? In this scenario, love has no force but to make sure both her and I brag about excellence in our Christmas cards. And it's true that love wasn't earned because we are family.

It was just there. Comments anyone? Animals protect their young instinctively that appears, to us, as love. That's fine because protection is an act of love and an instinctive act. Why do we love our children, no questions asked? In this sense, it can be described as a force of nature because it just happens automatically. You immediately protect, defend, care for your child. That would mean we all unequivocally are born with the capacity to love, even if its just our children.

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Love can't be earned. That's interesting. It is because the person who is feeling the love for someone else is a one way street, you could say. Why someone loves a person has to do with that someone, not the person. When our teenagers throw a fit and scream how much they hate us, w'e don't take it personal.

We love them and tell ourselves, this is a phase, this is a phase. Not when you're young, but when you start becoming a little person. There are parents if you want to call them that who withhold their love from a particular child, not necessarily all, because of some whatever reason. Her hair is curly. She has blue eyes and I don't.

These people don't know what unconditional love is. They have all these conditions, they stereotype, they're disingenuous and shallow-hearted. I was a victim of that. The different types of love? That's just semantics, using the word "love" in place of what could be instead "I most enjoy reading". So, those aren't loves. Would you not say that love has an element of caring for the well being of others. If you love your "Aunt Betsy" in that you care for the well being of her, even if you would rather not hang out with her, then could that not be said to be some form love?

Yet, you do not know your Aunt Betsy's neighbor and therefore probably do not care about her well being as much as you do your Aunt Betsy. What is common with all forms of love? You love your food, your family, your lover, etc. Your neighbor's loves do not move your emotionally but yours does, so it is the emotional quality that makes all the forms of love the same. Because trying to define the difference of loving a spouse, versus an aunt, versus ice cream does not make sense, I know that I don't love anyone else like the way I love my husband.

He has the best of my love. Everything else? Well, I think we toss the word love around too much, but for lack of other words available I guess we don't have a choice. Caring has everything to do with loving; both in caring about someone and actually caring for someone. No, you don't love things like you do people. Things are desired, wanted, craved, obsessed over, played, etc. Love is action that has to be received. Inanimate things can't receive or know. But, anything animate can be given love, affection, caring: people, animals.

What is common in love--it would be nice if it was given unconditionally; but, short of that, it is the act of giving, I think. It doesn't have to be received. Would you not agree that love in all its forms has some commonality, that there is a 'going out' of oneself towards something beyond ourselves, which is usually the object of our love?

When a person loves something they are expanding and embracing that something, in a way including that something within themselves or becoming one with it. If you love ice cream you eat it and it becomes one with you. If you love a person you marry them "and the two shall be as one". Love is schizophrenic - and its meaning differs according to the context. The feeling it inspires could range from obsessiveness and passion to calm joy and warmth - depending on the type of love and the object of affection. The more volatile emotions are often, I think, not "true love" in that it is often of the romantic nature in which jealousy and possessiveness are part and parcel.

Thus, it usually isn't unconditional - but in some cases it may be. More interesting is how we differently respond to and accept love - and how we recognize it. You just know. You know when someone loves you, whether you love them back like that or not. You also know when you love someone. Love is authentic. That's basically the ONLY thing it is. Love is the one thing that is NOT real.