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Jagged Fel

They instead put pressure on the Fel family, but Antilles had sent some of his pilots to find Starflare, and they helped the Fels foil the Imperial plot. After several months, she was able to rejoin her husband. Fel had been captured by Ysanne Isard, but instead of killing him, she turned him over to Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo , called Thrawn. Thrawn convinced Fel that it was necessary he battle the many threats to the galaxy found in the wild and dangerous Unknown Regions.

Soontir Fel joined the Empire of the Hand , Thrawn's secret faction of the Empire founded to pacify, guard, and colonize the Unknown Regions. The New Republic expended resources attempting to track down the Fel family, but despite some suspicions that Antilles Fel might have disappeared voluntarily, their secret remained secure. The family, meanwhile, took up residence at the Empire of the Hand's secret base, the Hand of Thrawn , on Nirauan.

Life in the Unknown Regions was harsh, and the impact of the Empire of the Hand's many battles could not be escaped. Soontir Fel dispatched Jagged and his squadrons to the New Republic to aid in the battle and report back to him on the major new threat to the galaxy. A dispute over the use of Killik labor led to war between the Chiss houses. Soontir Fel and the Empire of the Hand intervened in the crisis and in the process joined the Chiss Ascendancy.

Led by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and including Mara Jade Skywalker , Jacen Solo , Saba Sebatyne , and Danni Quee , the group sought to discover the location of the legendary living planet Zonama Sekot , a mobile world that had wandered the Unknown Regions for decades , in the hope that it would provide the key to ending the war. The Chiss authorities denied them permission to travel through Chiss space , but allowed them use of the Expeditionary Library to search for information about Zonama Sekot. Antilles Fel feared that the group sought to bring the Chiss Ascendancy into the Galactic Alliance and thus plunge it and her family into the war that she saw as unwinnable.

She traveled to the library with her daughter Wynssa and was startled when she came across the Barabel Sebatyne. The impetuous Wynssa eagerly questioned Sebatyne about the group's research, to her mother's embarrassment. When Antilles Fel displayed her suspicion of the Jedi group's motives, Wynssa forced her to admit her fears about the war. Sebatyne countered by arguing that, should the rest of the galaxy fall, the Chiss could not survive alone, reinforcing Antilles Fel's own grudging realization that her family could not avoid the war. Wynssa volunteered to help the Jedi in their search for information, and Antilles Fel reluctantly agreed to let her stay in the library.

When all the group except Jacen Solo decided to take a break and move their ship, the Jade Shadow , from the city of Ac'siel to a location nearer the library, Fel piloted them back to the ship in an ice barge , and Antilles Fel came with them. During the journey, the party came under attack by assailants in snow-fliers , who attempted to halt the barge. As the barge could not outrun or outfight the attackers, Luke Skywalker proposed that they stop and disembark after setting the barge's weapons systems to fire on a timer and provide a distraction. They took the would-be killers to Ac'siel as captives, while Solo saved Wynssa from her captor, Fel's traitorous subordinate Chief Navigator Peita Aabe.

The attack increased support among the Chiss for Fel and his advocacy for joining the war. During the Swarm War between the Chiss and the Killik Colony , Jagged, who had broken up with Jaina Solo and returned to the Unknown Regions as a naval commander, guaranteed the parole of the Jedi Lowbacca , one of a number of Jedi Joiners who had taken the side of the Killiks, after Lowbacca was captured by the Chiss. The conditions of the parole required that the Fel family would be responsible for any damage caused by Lowbacca should he take up arms against the Ascendancy once more.

When the Wookiee Jedi did, the Fel reputation and finances were ruined by their need to pay for the damages. As the Fels could not meet the cost of the losses Lowbacca had caused, though, Jagged was exiled from the Chiss Ascendancy as punishment. He made it his mission to kill Alema Rar , a Dark Jedi who had helped lead the Killiks, and thereby redeem the Fel's family honor.

Though Syal Antilles loved her family, she did not want the kind of life that Gus Treta offered her. She found it on Coruscant, becoming an acclaimed holostar. Soontir Fel's proposal to Starflare shocked her into revealing her secret identity as Syal Antilles. After Wedge Antilles emerged as a Rebel hero, Starflare had to live with the fear that her connection to her brother would be exposed and her career ruined.

Luckily for them, Zekk came to the rescue and drove the Fett impersonator away.

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Despite having rescued them, Zekk refused to return with them to the Academy, although he had decided to involve himself in the search for Bornan Thul. They searched the elder Thul's last known locations, searching everywhere from ancient ruined worlds to the droid foundry planet of Mechis III. Meanwhile, Nolaa Tarkona went on a crusade to whip up support among the alien species of the galaxy, particularly the Chromans of Chroma Zed.

Things went poorly for the Jedi when Lowbacca misguidedly joined the Diversity Alliance, under the influence of fellow Wookiee Raabakyysh , and traveled to their headquarters on Ryloth to learn more about them. At the same time, Zekk had rescued Bornan Thul from bounty hunters, and learned the reason he had disappeared. Thul had stumbled upon the location of a top-secret Imperial plague warehouse on an uncharted asteroid in the Deep Core.

Hidden within it was a supply of diseases created by General Evir Derricote almost two decades ago. Though the Galactic Empire had been defeated, this plague warehouse still remained with its supplies of diseases. Bornan also revealed that Boba Fett actually Ailyn Vel had sliced into his ship's navicomputer and obtained the coordinates of the plague warehouse. Having acquired the information she wanted, Tarkona now wished to unleash a plague that would affect all Humans. Realizing that Lowbacca only knew the public face of the Diversity Alliance, the Solo twins, along with Raynar and Tenel Ka, traveled to Ryloth, only to be arrested by the local authorities and put to work in the dangerous ryll mines of Ryloth.

However, Lowbacca soon learned what had befallen his Human companions.

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The enraged Wookiee turned against the Diversity Alliance and helped his friends escape the harsh terrain of the planet and the zealous Diversity Alliance troops. The Jedi also discovered that the Diversity Alliance was stockpiling weapons for an impending war against Humans. The group was eventually rescued and taken off-planet by Zekk, Luke Skywalker, and Lusa, who had come looking for them. Back at the New Republic Senate on Coruscant,Skywalker requested that an inspection team be sent to Ryloth to investigate reports of Diversity Alliance aggression.

After recording an encrypted message to his wife explaining their plan, Bornan and Raynar Thul, Zekk, the Solo twins, Tenel Ka, and Lowbacca gathered up explosives and went to the plague warehouse, intent on destroying it. They were almost finished wiring their explosives when Diversity Alliance ships arrived. In the ensuing confrontation with Tarkona in the warehouse, some of the plague canisters were ruptured, including the Human-killing plague. Bornan Thul sacrificed himself so the plague would not spread, and told Raynar to get himself and his friends off the asteroid.

However, Tarkona managed to escape to a distant asteroid, although she would later die from a Twi'lek-specific disease. Meanwhile on Ryloth, fighting took place when the New Republic inspection team discovered stockpiles of weapons. However, the fighting was stopped by the Twi'lek Kur , who convinced the Diversity Alliance soldiers that they had been misguided and that both Humans and non-Humans should work together.

The race became an exciting event when, at the last moment, Zekk, along with Tenel Ka and Lowbacca, won the race. After the race, the group encountered Czethros , a bounty hunter who had hunted Han Solo years ago. However, Czethros now claimed to be an "honest" businessman, and they avoided any conflict. Unfortunately for them, the surprises were not over.

At their hangar bay, the group was ambushed by several Chameleon creatures. They were rescued by Anja Gallandro , a young woman who wielded a lightsaber , but was not a Jedi. Instead, Gallandro relied on doses of spice to enhance her senses and allow her to wield a lightsaber safely. Gallandro blamed Han Solo for killing her father , but Solo denied the charge because the elder Gallandro had died in a trap while searching for treasure.

However, unbeknown to the Solos, Anja Gallandro was actually an undercover agent for Czethros, who was in fact a leader of Black Sun. The infamous galactic crime syndicate had been keeping a low profile for years since the death of its leader Prince Xizor during a battle above Coruscant in 3 ABY. However, since then, Black Sun had been attempting to gain power over the New Republic by planting their sympathizers and agents in places of power, including political, economic, and military positions.

For his part, Czethros controlled Gallandro by keeping her addicted to spice. Han Solo managed to convince Gallandro that he was good-intentioned by stopping a year-long civil war on her backwater homeworld of Anobis. There, the elder Solo met with the two rival factions and brokered a truce between them. This made Gallandro wonder whether her hatred for the elder Solo had been misplaced, and she agreed to join the Solo twins and their companions at the Jedi Praxeum to discover her abilities.

Later, Lando Calrissian invited the twins and their friends to Cloud City , where he wanted them to be the first to try out the new SkyCenter Galleria amusement park which he had invested in through the use of repurchased interests from the spice mining world of Kessel , and through shares from a mining operation on Varn. However, things took a turn for the worse when Cojahn , a business associate of Calrissian's, was found dead.

Complicating matters further, the Jedi discovered Czethros's true intentions and his plot for galactic domination. After the Jedi revealed Czethros's plans, Czethros was targeted by the New Republic, and warrants for his arrest were issued on many worlds. However, he managed to evade capture and went underground. Unfortunately for Gallandro, she realized that without Czethros, there would be no supplier for the spice that fueled her addiction.

Gallandro then stole Zekk's ship, the Lightning Rod , and traveled to the ocean world of Mon Calamari , where she hoped to retrieve a hidden stash of andris spice from beneath the planet's frozen ice cap. Meanwhile, on Kessel , Calrissian's longtime Sullustan mate Nien Nunb was nearly killed during a suspicious accident in the carbon-freezing sections of a processing facility.

Black Sun had planted cells there, and the Sullustan knew he was in danger. His workers were turning against him and he called for help. On Mon Calamari, at the resort city of Crystal Reef , Jacen confronted Gallandro while she tried to lease a submersible to hunt for the hidden spice stash. Jacen managed to help Gallandro confront her spice addiction and persuaded her to accept her father's real fate.

With Gallandro's help, they succeeded in destroying Czethros's stash of spice on Mon Calamari. Back on Kessel, Czethros and an army of Black Sun mercenaries took control of the planet and captured Nunb, though Solo and Lowbacca managed to escape. The encounter also revealed how deeply Black Sun had infiltrated the New Republic, and that they had contacts on a variety of worlds. From Kessel, Czethros hoped to send a signal that would activate these cells. However, Solo and Lowbacca sabotaged his operations by destroying the transmitter before Czethros could broadcast the signal. Solo also helped free the prisoners and defeated the Black Sun mercenaries.

Rather than allow himself to be captured, Czethros threw himself into a vat of carbonite and was flash-frozen instantly. However, the criminal was retrieved and placed in New Republic custody. Chief of State Leia Organa Solo would supervise his thawing and interrogation. As a result, the names of Black Sun moles in strategic positions of power were discovered, defeating the crime syndicate. To congratulate her, Han rewarded Solo with a heavily modified Z Headhunter , the Crystal , which she flew to Mon Calamari for a short vacation at Crystal Reef resort.

However, before she could jump from the Yavin system , Solo was intercepted by the Bail Jumper , an X-wing piloted by a cyborg pilot. The cyborg had mistaken her craft for the Onyx Star , an early Z prototype that had been stolen from Bahalian Shipyards. Initially, the cyborg's superhuman reaction speed coupled with a newer starfighter caused Solo to feel outclassed.

However, Solo used the Force to become attuned to her new vessel in combat, then made fast work of the pilot and his ship, and continued her course to Mon Calamari. When Solo was sixteen, she, her mother, and her mentor Mara Jade Skywalker took Jade Skywalker's shuttle Jade Sabre to Rhommamool for a diplomatic conference with a Rhommamoolian partisan named Nom Anor , despite a serious illness that Jade Skywalker had contracted.

As they approached the system, fighters from the rival world of Osarian tried to surround their craft. However, Jade Skywalker ordered Solo to lose their pursuit, which she attempted to do, flying the Jade Sabre through a series of wild evasive maneuvers. When a Jedi-flown X-wing arrived and fended off the pursuers, the remaining fighters left, allowing Solo to pilot the Jade Sabre into the hangar of a New Republic battlecruiser, Mediator , that was trying to maintain the peace between rival worlds Rhommamool and Osarian.

Their Jedi rescuer turned out to be Wurth Skidder , a Jedi known for his reputation for impulsiveness. Leia Organa Solo immediately chastised him for opening fire, costing her any kind of diplomatic advantage she could have used against the Osarians in negotiations over their attempt to surround and force the Jade Sabre to land on Osarian. Undeterred, though, the three pressed forward with their planned negotiations to settle the hostilities between Rhommamool and Osarian.

The three women met with Anor, who had dressed similar to Darth Vader as an affront to Leia. Anor seemed uninterested in negotiation, launching into a series of lectures on New Republic tyranny and issuing demands for Osarian's disarmament. He then sent them on their way, leaving the three women irritated.

As they left, Anor made sure they overflew a scene of mass droid destruction, just to offend C-3PO, who had accompanied the delegation. Solo flew the others back to Coruscant, as her mother was tired and Jade Skywalker needed to rest. She was not there long, though, as her family and the Skywalkers decided to visit her adopted uncle Lando Calrissian at his latest operation, a mining facility out on Dubrillion. For her part, Solo was allowed to fly her X-wing solo from a layover on Reecee to Dubrillion as a test of her piloting abilities by Jade Skywalker.

As part of her test, Jade Skywalker provided slightly incorrect coordinates to Solo, forcing her to use the Force to locate her family and make a flight correction to meet them. They met with an enthusiastic Calrissian, who gladly showed them around his extensive operation on Dubrillion. Of particular interest to the three Solo children was an opportunity to fly a modified TIE fighter through a treacherous asteroid belt called Lando's Folly. Visiting pilots seeking renown used the course as an opportunity to hone their skills and in the modified TIEs, which had shield protection, the flight was fairly safe.

Jaina Solo flew last and despite encountering a particularly difficult stretch of asteroids, used the Force to guide her hands. With piloting that impressed her viewers, she achieved a new record time, beating out the previous winner, Jedi Knight Kyp Durron. The three Solo children met with Durron later, who congratulated Solo on her victory and then departed with his squadron to battle smugglers and pirates in the Outer Rim. They then watched Han Solo and Chewbacca tackle the asteroid field in a two-seat craft. Despite a serious equipment malfunction that deprived them of shields, they were able to make it through also and Solo congratulated her father on his accomplishment.

Following that, Calrissian asked Han Solo to make a supply run to the nearby world of Sernpidal , which the elder Solo agreed to do, accompanied by his son Anakin. They found that the planet was doomed, that its moon Dobido was on a terminal orbit to impact on the planet.

While trying to evacuate as many people as possible, Chewbacca was left behind trying to save Anakin and perished. The loss tore through the Solo family, particularly Han. Upon the return of her father and Anakin, Solo tried to comfort her brother, but both he and Han were inconsolable. The Solos and Skywalkers also soon learned of an alien menace that had all but destroyed Durron's squadron, was invading the galaxy , and had instigated the destruction of Sernpidal. After reports were received regarding a group of ships belonging to the aliens—the Yuuzhan Vong—approaching Dubrillion, Solo and her brothers joined the defense of the planet.

After picking up pursuit, they headed into Lando's Folly and used a Force meld to coordinate their flying. In the ensuing chase, all the hostile craft were destroyed by their synchronized gunnery and the hazardous asteroids, though Anakin made a risky jump to hyperspace in order to escape. However, he returned safely and they were hailed as heroes by the populace of Dubrillion.

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However, after Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker found evidence of a massive Yuuzhan Vong base on Helska IV , with prisoners trapped inside, the Solo twins slipped away and took one of Lando's iceborers to puncture the ice planet and rescue them. After Solo loaded Jacen, clad in a Yuuzhan Vong skirt and equipped with an ooglith masquer for disguise, into the iceborer, she flew the iceborer Merry Miner to Helska IV, but was quickly detected by coralskippers. While the fleet engaged the Yuuzhan Vong, Solo waited in orbit in the unarmed mining ship, dodging coralskippers, until Jacen was ready for extraction, having rescued the captured scientist Danni Quee and witnessed the death of the other prisoner, Jedi Miko Reglia.

After the New Republic was repulsed the from Helska IV with the loss of the Star Destroyer Rejuvenator , the Solos, Skywalkers, and Calrissian realized how serious the Yuuzhan Vong threat was, particularly after Quee told them of the yammosk war coordinator buried beneath the planet that telepathically coordinated the Yuuzhan Vong warships. They decided to evaporate the ice planet using Calrissian's shieldships , and Solo flew in the Jade Sabre as part of the covering fleet of starfighters and other ships protecting the shieldships against the Yuuzhan Vong defense.

When Mara Jade Skywalker collapsed in the heat of battle, Solo attempted to take over as pilot, but soon needed help herself as she tried to alter the ship's present course. The ship would have crashed into the planet had Luke Skywalker not intervened and used his X-wing's repulsor coils to alter the Jade Sabre ' s course.

Solo regained control and was able to escape the planet, which was successfully frozen before it exploded in a cloud of ice crystals. Galfridian started his Jedi training at the Academy and met Solo along with her two brothers and Lowbacca. Solo and Galfridian trained with their lightsabers together and the young prince displayed some interest in her, while she talked with him about the war, empathizing over his loss of his family and planet.

However the Solo twins, Galfridian and Lowbacca got into trouble shortly afterward when they encountered a tuk'ata , which wanted to attack them. Because of the development of their Jedi training, the Solos and Lowbacca reacted without fear while Galfridian was frozen with terror. Jacen was able to send the creature away and a short time later, a disappointed Galfridian left Yavin IV and traveled with Solo's uncle to Rychel. Later, Solo traveled with her mother, her brothers, Lowbacca, and Galfridian to Nar Shaddaa aboard the Millennium Falcon , which Han Solo had allowed his wife and family to use.

They were searching for a smuggler with information on covert Yuuzhan Vong agents but initially met little success. However, Galfridian met Han Solo aboard the Falcon unexpectedly while searching for his droid companion, Prowl. On this occasion, a petulant Solo frightened Galfridian by warning him to get not too close with his daughter, or else face being shot. Hoping that Dahal would lead them to their smuggler, Galfridian followed Dahal with Prowl but refused the help of Solo and the others.

Eventually, they were able to confront the Vratix smuggler Spraug via Galfridian's surveillance. From Spraug, they retrieved a Jedi holocron detailing the identity of a Yuuzhan Vong agent— Dulac , an advisor to Galfridian's father—from him after Solo and her companions prevented him from fleeing. Solo and her brother, Galfridian, and Luke Skywalker were together on Yavin IV, examining the holocron recovered on Nar Shaddaa, when Galfridian announced that he was leaving to locate his missing father.

After Galfridian said he was going to fly to Artorias with only Prowl as an escort, Solo chastised him for his lack of planning, suggesting that he would be better off finishing his training. However, when she and Jacen found the Artorian prince and Prowl looking for a ship to abscond with in the middle of the night, they volunteered to accompany them instead of stopping them, despite the absence of a firm plan.

They obtained Master Skywalker's reluctant permission to journey to Artorias and blasted off. Acting as pilot for their ship, Solo brought them out of hyperspace prematurely so they could assess the Yuuzhan Vong defenses. While discussing how to reach the surface of Artorias, Galfridian suggested crash-landing the ship and making their way to an underwater refuge his people had prepared in case of emergencies.

Solo agreed with that course of action and flew closer to Artorias, only to find that there was scarcely any Yuuzhan Vong presence in orbit. The Yuuzhan Vong launched grutchin insects at their vessel, which started chewing through the hull. In response, Solo noted that if the hull was breached before they cleared Artorias's atmosphere, they were dead.

Galfridian went out into space and destroyed the grutchins already on the ship with his and Solo's lightsabers while Jacen manned the turret to destroy other incoming insects. Solo managed to bring their damaged ship into atmosphere to crash-land in the water, which allowed Galfridian to steer the ship to his people's refuge. There, they disembarked and Galfridian learned that his father was still alive, but in the company of Dulac. Rushing to the chamber where Dulac and the elder Galfridian were locked in combat, the Solos helped slay Dulac. However, before falling to their lightsabers, Dulac used an ocular implant to spit poison at the Artorian king.

Before the elder Galfridian expired, Solo advised Finn Galfridian to say his goodbyes to his father. The Solo twins attended the funeral for the elder Galfridian, where Finn Galfridian vowed that the Artorian refugees would one day return and reclaim the planet from the Yuuzhan Vong. Though most of the refugees were headed elsewhere, Galfridian had been told by his holocron to journey to Nar Shaddaa. The Solos decided to return to the Jedi Praxeum instead, though Jacen told Galfridian that he and Solo were only a call away. She also warned him not to get killed, saying that it would be difficult to explain leaving him on Nar Shaddaa if he perished.

Solo left Galfridian with a kiss on the cheek, which drew the attention of her twin, though she dismissed it as a purely platonic gesture. Upon Solo's eventual return to the Jedi Praxeum, she met with her brothers and uncle, who had called a meeting of the Jedi and handed out assignments to each of them. Solo's assignment was to go pick up Danni Quee and journeyed with her mother to Agamar to address their rulers, persuading them to aid the effort against the Yuuzhan Vong.

Their words moved the Agamarian leaders, who agreed to harbor refugees. Solo was bored with her assignment, as she had little to do but teach Quee some Force techniques and support her mother. She was also unsure of her identity and somewhat resented being around Leia Solo, whom she felt overshadowed her.

Solo discussed her feelings with Quee, who told her that it was normal to pursue her own identity, but also advised her to not reject the admirable qualities that Solo's mother possessed. However, the issue of identity would plague Solo throughout the war and beyond.

The three women then returned to Dubrillion to evacuate much of the populace, accompanied by Admiral Traest Kre'fey and a small New Republic flotilla. After their arrival on Dubrillion, Solo was inducted into the famous X-wing unit Rogue Squadron due to the persistence of her mother and her own skills in flying an X-wing, though Solo was unaware of Leia's involvement in her Rogue Squadron acceptance.

Solo was given the designation Rogue Eleven and soon earned the nickname "Sticks" due to her lightsaber's shape and her X-Wing had a joystick. She also befriended her wingman, a female Human named Anni Capstan. Solo's first action was to fly cover for the transports evacuating civilians as the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the convoy.

Most of the ships were able to escape and Solo helped defeat a Yuuzhan Vong warship by firing proton torpedoes at its weapons right after they fired and before the triskele valve that protected them could reseal. The convoy's exit vector to Agamar blocked by the Yuuzhan Vong, Solo, Leia, and Danni then brought the refugees to Dantooine , where they helped set up a camp there with the aid of Kre'fey's ship, Ralroost.

However, the Yuuzhan Vong were not far behind and soon launched a large air and ground assault on the refugee camp. In pre-battle planning, Solo innovated a tactic that detonated proton torpedoes prematurely before they could be consumed by a dovin basal shielding creature to cause collateral damage and overload the dovin basal.

Her commanding officer, Colonel Gavin Darklighter , approved of the tactic.

The Three Sisters of Plynlimon

During the Battle of Dantooine , Solo helped refugees escape offworld before the Vong could take Dantooine. She and the other Rogue Squadron pilots fought with coralskippers that were harassing the camp and also participated in strafing runs on Yuuzhan Vong ground forces. To help counter two Yuuzhan Vong rakamat walkers, Solo and three other Rogue pilots were tasked with firing torpedoes at it while Luke Skywalker turned the defensive dovin basals on the rakamat , consuming it.

The defeat of the walkers allowed the remaining refugees—half had fallen to the relentless Yuuzhan Vong—to board the remaining ships and flee to Agamar, their retreat covered by the Rogues and Kre'fey. Solo and her brothers then returned to Coruscant along with Kre'fey. Rogue Squadron kept her busy though, and soon the young Rogue Eleven was helping recruit new pilots and training under noted pilots Tycho Celchu and Wedge Antilles. At the same time, she and her brothers had to deal with her father's descent into depression and drunkenness, as a result of losing Chewbacca.

When she wasn't training, Solo flew on missions such as covering the Battle of Garqi. Solo encouraged her brother to not only prepare, but to also take the time to focus on the mission and learn from his companions, Jedi Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode. During that run, Solo was deceived, along with almost everyone else in the New Republic task force led by Traest Kre'fey, into thinking Jacen and the ground team had been killed during insertion.

She was understandably upset at first, thinking her brother dead. After being informed of the truth later by Darklighter, she was pleased to find out that was not the case, but did not enjoy the deception, even though it was necessary for operational security. The event humbled her, as Solo realized she didn't have any right to special information regarding the mission and it reminded her that she was accorded any undue privileges due to her heritage.

Their next mission was a reconnaissance run through the ruins of Sernpidal, another difficult emotional experience for Solo due to the death of Chewbacca in the planet's destruction. They found the Yuuzhan Vong were growing a worldship and immediately reported back to their flagship , Ralroost , to relay what they had found. Solo and Ralroost returned to Garqi and once again flew cover for the commando team, though this time she was covering the extraction from the planet. The presence of a Yuuzhan Vong fleet nearly doomed them, but the timely arrival of Admiral Pellaeon's Imperial fleet, accompanied by Chiss pilots, turned the tide.

He and a group of his pilots patronizingly escorted Solo and her wingman Capstan back to Ralroost , much to her irritation. The ground team's discovery on Garqi that bafforr pollen had an adverse effect on Yuuzhan Vong vonduun crab armor led Kre'fey to retreat his forces to Ithor , where the bafforr trees grew.

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The Yuuzhan Vong had also learned of this discovery, though, and planned a full-scale assault. Jaina as a starfighter pilot in Rogue Squadron. As the defense for Ithor was planned, Solo was invited to attend a formal ceremony on Ithor attended by Imperial, Chiss, and New Republic military representatives, as well as few New Republic and Imperial politicians also. Solo in particular wanted to meet the leader of the Chiss unit, who had defeated her several times in simulations. To her surprise, she found that their leader was a Human, Jagged Fel, who took the time to introduce himself to her and backhandedly complimented her on her flying skill.

While watching the decontamination procedures, she was joined by Fel, who commented that they should just take the risk and open the shuttle. Solo responded that his comments seemed very mature, at which Fel implied she wasn't sufficiently hardened or mature enough to handle battle. Solo took offense at his remarks, but at the same time felt something stir within her for the stolid pilot.

The Yuuzhan Vong attacked Ithor soon enough and in force. Solo and the rest of the Rogues launched to engage their fighters and troop transports. During the battle, while engaging the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, she lost her wingmate Anni Capstan, which emotionally hurt Solo deeply. The New Republic forces were nevertheless able to stall the space advance. However, the battle overall was a loss for the New Republic since the Yuuzhan Vong unleashed a biological weapon that decimated Ithor's world-spanning jungle even after Shedao Shai was slain during a duel with Jedi Knight Corran Horn that had been set to determine Ithor's fate.

Fel dynasty

The attack violated the terms of the duel, but devastated Ithor's surface, causing the Imperial forces to return to the Remnant and Horn to be exiled, though two of the Chiss squadrons and Fel remained in the New Republic. Furthermore, Ithor's destruction contributed much to the Anti-Jedi sentiment of the galactic public.

For her part, Solo bore her own grief for the loss of her wingmate, though Anakin tried to help her through it. Jaina Solo accompanied her family to Chewbacca's funeral on Kashyyyk, where she stood by her grieved father, trying to support him emotionally. In his grief at the loss of his longtime friend, Han lashed out and left his family behind on Kashyyyk, ordering Solo to take the family back to Coruscant in the Millennium Falcon.

This eventually lead to a stronger bond between Solo and her mother, who she previously lambasted for her distance. Solo offered to aid Talon Karrde on his mission, but Ganner Rhysode and Kyp Durron volunteered and were chosen instead. The battle went poorly for the New Republic because the extragalactic aliens had employed their Yo'gand's Core tactic; this involved using a dovin basal to cause Kalarba and its moon Hosk Station to collide. The New Republic fleet, outnumbered and outgunned, was forced to simply defend fleeing refugee ships while dueling coralskippers.

Solo attempted to defend the ship, but the Yuuzhan Vong succeeded in destroying it. The explosion wrecked her X-wing, though she managed to eject into space. Before she was retrieved she experienced hallucinations caused by low oxygen levels, where she spent several hours talking to Yoda , but couldn't understand what he was saying because he was speaking Gamorrean the whole time.

She received a medical leave transfer to Duro , which had been selected as a SELCORE haven for refugees from conquered worlds and was where her father and brother Jacen were. Solo was not thrilled to be taken off active duty, but she tried to rest and heal as quickly as possible, knowing that the Yuuzhan Vong were continuing to advance, taking Druckenwell and Rodia. She tried to get a message to her mother via Senator Viqi Shesh , but was unsuccessful, which frustrated her. One night, Jacen awakened her, bringing her to investigate a strange insect infestation.

They soon realized that the insects were naotebe winglings , a Yuuzhan Vong creation meant to destroy the refugee camps on Duro. They evacuated their colony, but the decontamination procedures to avoid spreading the winglings required Solo to go through the same quarantine as all the other evacuees, which required her to be dipped in a chemical bath and her head shaved to prevent the winglings from spreading. While there, she, Han and Jacen were joined by Leia Solo, who had also been on Duro working with the refugees.

However, Solo was not pleased to see her mother, blaming her for being absent in the midst of her daughter's darkest hours. Leia replied that she hadn't even known about Solo's injuries and further stated that she would undergo the same decontamination procedures as Solo and the rest of the refugees—which included having her head shaved.

That brought some measure of respect from Solo towards her mother, though Solo continued to resent her mother's perceived lack of attention to her children. While she convalesced and her sight continued to return, she was asked by her father to deal with a troublesome Hutt, Randa Besadii Diori. She approached him to upbraid him for crashing into the communications shed when he suddenly handed her a Yuuzhan Vong villip communication device, telling her that the Yuuzhan Vong had an agent in the camp and that he had already reported the matter to Senator Shesh, one of the senatorial leaders of SELCORE.

She was then asked by Mara Jade Skywalker to help her investigate a Duros scientist named Dassid Cree'Ar , who was ostensibly working on reclaiming Duro's toxic environment. Solo agreed and they proceeded—with Skywalker disguised as Baroness Muehling of Kuat and Solo as her servant. Solo used the Force to unmask him, but he fled before they could subdue him.

Anor attempted to cave in a tunnel on them, but Jade Skyawalker was able to keep the rock fall from crushing them until help arrived. Knowledge of Anor's presence came too late, since he had already sabotaged several of the operations, including releasing the naotebe winglings that had destroyed a refugee encampment. As the refugees were again frantically prepared for evacuation, Solo helped Mara, Anakin and Luke Skywalker find her brother Jacen, who had gone missing.

While Anakin and Skywalker staged a diversion, Solo found the building where her brother was unknowingly waiting for a meeting with a collaborationist who intended on turning him over to the Yuuzhan Vong. She helped him escape but they still had no way of tracking down the Yuuzhan Vong agents or collaborationist Peace Brigade members on Duro. The planet was then attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong, who sabotaged the planetary shields and unleashed bioengineered siege creatures including Tu-Scart and Sgauru and the serpentine Ychna. When it fell, Solo was on the ground with her mother and other refugees, seeking shelter underground.

While the rest of the refugees tried to dig their way farther from the Yuuzhan Vong landing party, Leia Solo sought to sabotage the Yuuzhan Vong advance, bringing her daughter and son Jacen with her. They managed to free some prisoners by taking out their guards, but Leia was not through. She attempted to use a mining laser to inflict further damage, only to be caught by a Yuuzhan Vong party.

She closed a door, sealing her children off from her, though she urged them to run before she did so. Her choice meant that the twins could escape, but their mother was captured. Jacen immediately went back for her, and while Solo hesitated some, expressing more resentment towards her mother abandoning them again, she too eventually returned also.

Solo soon found her mother imprisoned by the Yuuzhan Vong and was able to communicate with her in Mon Calamari blink code by tapping on the walls. Solo wanted to free her mother immediately, but Leia instead told her to warn the others of her captor—Warmaster Tsavong Lah —and his threat to destroy Duro's orbital cities and the millions of people in them. Solo obeyed the request and relayed the message, though she was exasperated at her mother running her off yet again. She then returned just in time to see Jacen finishing off the Yuuzhan Vong that had been torturing her mother.

With Jacen carrying a wounded Leia, Solo led the way out back through the tunnels on Duro back to the Millennium Falcon where Han Solo was waiting for them. They then blasted off Duro together. The incident on Duro led Tsavong Lah to offer the galaxy a chance at peace in exchange for the Jedi, particularly Jacen. Solo returned to Coruscant with her brothers while Han Solo arranged for Leia's medical treatment. After her mother returned, Solo was asked to accompany her to a Senate meeting charging Senator Viqi Shesh with corruption.

Though Leia's legs were still injured, she asked her daughter to use the Force to help her walk and Solo complied. The charges laid out by Leia against Shesh were serious and led to the Appeasement Vote, a law that might have outlawed the Jedi, failing by a two-to-one margin while Shesh dealt with the corruption charges.

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